Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage

100% Polyester

Made by a Special Weaving Method

    • Adheres to itself, not to skin, hair or clothing.
    • No need to another tap to secure.
    • The layers of the bandages do not slip so it can obtain optimal secure.
100% Polyester

Suitable for Sensitive, Fragile skin

For light compression or for relieving and immobilising joints. Provide support or to secure dressings or devices.

Tear by Hand Easily




Water Repellent

Soft Touch

Directions for Use

Keep the bandage close to the specified position. Apply one and half to two circle and apply tension to obtain desired support and compression.

Hold the bandage with one hand, and put the thumb of the other hand on the area intended to be torn.

Use the thumb slightly press the bandage, and another hand which hold the bandage tear in parallel direction.

Gently press end of bandage to secure the terminal end of the bandage.